Friday, January 11, 2008

Of All The Things...

Of all the things that could happen yesterday, it did, my camera died! Well it didn't die, it was blurring the picture and making everything blue and red. Not pretty because it was red and green that I was trying to photograph! I was going to take a picture of what I bought from Joann's at their after Christmas sale. That will have to wait!
We do have another camera coming because my husband uses it everyday at school and for his business. So we had to get one right away. After he ordered a new one, he found out his camera had been recalled. Which is kind of funny because, I thought you were supposed to see if things are recalled before you purchase a new one. So we did it backwards. Our camera will be fixed and we will have a raw format camera too. I don't know what that means but it's something he wants to use.
I also just finished two cake pin cushions, which I wanted to put up on Etsy. That's going to have to wait too now.
I've been kind of sad lately. My grandfather died last Christmas Eve. So this year we had a moment of silence to remember him. Also in conversation later on, it came up that my life and my brother's life would be so different if our biological grandmother had lived. Which got me thinking, our lives would be totally different if our biological mother had lived too.
I didn't find out until I was in 3rd grade that my mother wasn't the woman who gave birth to my brother and I. Kind of shocking if you ask me. I always have felt that my life has been one big cover up. Secrets and lies, that sometimes are still being uncovered. So it's hard not to be sad because will I find out something else now that I'm older? I sure hope not. It's hard enough to have children but to encompass them in lies and untruths, just blows my mind. I know it's not my mother's fault. My father is just a good con artist and led her to believe that my grandparent's were out to hurt us.
I've tried to keep in contact with him because you only have one father but I can never believe what he says. I know guys are kind of dumb when it comes to holidays but no card or phone call happened this year. I received an e-mail saying he would call after the new year. Well it's day 11 and thankfully I'm not holding my breathe.

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