Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Hat To Be? and the trip...

We made it back safe and sound from the birthday party! We didn't get any snow, it just blew around from the horrific wind. Which made it hard to stay on the road, seriously it was a constant battle.
It was a good birthday party, I guess. It was for my husband's grandmother so it wasn't all out crazy with decorations and stuff that. We mostly sat around and talked and everyone else watched football. The kids played and played, ate before dinner, whined when dinner was, and then played some more. I do not care for football and neither does my husband. So when we found out dinner would be late, we broke out the iPod to watch Eurotrip. Totally immature movie but it makes me laugh! Plus I love the song, Scotty Doesn't know!
One of the grandson's made up a cool calendar that had pictures of all the family members for my grandmother in law. On the day of their birthday, they put a picture of that person, so she would remember who the person was. Kind of a great idea for the elderly who are a little forgetful. The only problem is the picture of me, my MIL sent to the calendar coordinator was absolutely terrible! I was holding my youngest 2 years ago, the wind was blowing and the picture is super grainy! Ugh! I don't want to be remembered like it's a picture from the 1970's. I didn't know about this until Christmas and it was,do you have a current picture of yourself? Well I needed one. So we are all set for next year because my husband was taking lots of pictures. My youngest and my MIL have the same birthday and their will be a picture of both of them.
Here's also a picture of the sweater hat that the scarf design is based off of. Everyone agreed that my brother just isn't the sweater hat type of guy!It's cute but not very manly, a little goofy. My husband asked for a custom hat that had super long sleeves. You could say he's very goofy, so it works for him. I'm going to see if he will even wear it. He may not. Even though we live in super cold weather, tons of people do not wear hats!! Why?? You lose most of your heat through your head. It's not like the paparazzi are going to snap pictures of these people and they have to look their best. They insist on freezing their ears off, for what, fashion police that doesn't exist?
I also got to borrow my MIL super cool Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook. This is a serious look at everything in the house. I browsed through it and was excited when she tolded me I could borrow it! Even if you buy it and get nothing out of it, the book is so freaking heavy you can use it as a weapon. You don't need a baseball bat next to the bed at night. Put this sucker on the nightstand and you are all set. You can throw it or swing it. It will do damage! I guess Martha is always thinking when it comes to design and use.

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