Monday, January 21, 2008

Goodbye Friend...

You may notice that I changed my header and that a cat is missing. She died sometime this morning. We weren't surprised because she had been sick and we had been doing the best to keep her comfortable. She was a sweet cat and my oldest picked her out when she was three years old. Dad can't say no to a sweet begging smile. We didn't name her, she was named Gabbie because she constantly meowed. She came from a home with 30 other cats. The conditions weren't the best and it sounds like she had been abused. We thought she may have had a broken nose at one time. She could snore so loud, it would wake my husband. May she find happiness in her new home.
To keep my melancholy daughter busy today, we took hat pictures. Did I mention I have a goofy 9, soon to be 10 year old. Here are pictures of the hats. The grey one is mine and the blueish one my husband's. Then here are the modified ones, without arms and in stripes. It was really easy to do either one. The stripes one was super easy because I didn't have to follow the pattern. Which is really nice when you have to put it down and then resume a lot. I should have had the flash on but I thought there was enough light. So they look super grainy and I tweeked the color levels in Photoshop.

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