Monday, January 28, 2008

Murphy's Law At Work

So I went out and called home. Wouldn't you know it, daughter #1 ends up being sick. Throwing up, fever. Ugh. I didn't go home because well, I called at a not so good time I couldn't tell if my husband was joking or not. So the more I ask, if she's really sick, the more pissed off and short with me he gets. I felt it was okay to stay out.
We went to a martini bar, which was fun and had a few martini's. There was a drag contest that night, so we had entertainment too. Not bad for never going out! Unfortunately I didn't sleep that night. For me (I don't know if other mom's have this problem) I can't sleep a good sleep when a child is sick. It's like my mom spidey sense going into light sleep mode. So even though it feels like I could be sleeping, I'm not. Which is great because my daughter ended up having an accident in the bathroom an hour after I was home. So yeah, me! I got to clean at 2am!
The next day she pretty much didn't leave her room but decided to run the waiter. She'd sleep and then yell for me. It was a beautiful sunny day and the lighting was perfect to take new pictures of everything that hadn't been working out.
Here's some pictures of robot pincushions I had made a while ago. I was inspired by other robot toys that I had seen, to make these robot pincushions. I figured if there were boy sewer's out there, this was what they needed.
Then the cake pincushions that have been so much trouble photographing. They need day light to look good. The color was way off on the photos before these or they weren't in focus. I put the one robot and one cake in my etsy shop.
Then bird ornaments that have been rattling around in my brain for a while. With these ornaments the new camera want's to only focus on a small section of this. So the head would be perfect and everything else blurry. It takes some getting used to how far away you have to be and not moving. Which is hard because my youngest wanted to help. So she would be adding things to the shot and I would click and jerk the camera. Not the best photographing session I ever had, certainly the most interesting. It took a good 4-8 hours. I had to re-shoot somethings 3 times.
I don't know why but I don't I don't have a picture of this heart pincushion I did. It's in my etsy shop but I guess I forgot to add it to flcker. What are you going to do? Murphy's Law, at least I feel like I got a lot done.
Also, exciting news! I finished one of my socks today! Then I went to work on the second one and I lost the sheet of pattern with all my pattern notes! So these socks may not be identical but I think I can figure out the pattern by looking at the first sock. I'm keeping my finger's crossed on this one!

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