Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cathy Carron's Berry Bobble Hat

Look it's the hat that took FOREVAH! All those little bobbles are a pain in the butt! Which is why it took so long. There's 6 knits into one stitch for everyone of those puppies! I didn't follow the pattern exactly because my yarn was a heavier weight than was recommended but I like how it turned out.
Want to knit it? It's from Interweave Knits Holiday 2008. They have some nice fingerless gloves too that I need to knit for work! It's cold when I hang tags in the freezer section!
The yarn in from Lotus Knits Big Ass Yarn Club. It was November's yarn called Mulled Wine! I think?!
I worked during the day and it is sooooo boring seriously my brain turned off because there was nothing to do except stock! Hope you all are nice and warm. Temperature going to work this morning, Negative 2!!! Now that is cold!


emma said...

Very nice! You know, I've never liked bobbles on sweaters, but on a hat they are so cute! Go figure.

Anonymous said...

So, Laura and I are sitting looking at your blog and Laura has Melia on her lap and we get to this picture. Laura starts tickling Melia and saying how she looks so much like you. Melia replies " No we don't! She has different glasses!"
How cute is that!!??


Knitting said...

I love that bobble! I need to make myself one and give it to my ted. I bet he'll love it. Thanks for the post!

- Hanna