Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Family Loves Me... Even The Cats

I don't get out often but when I do it is a momentis occasion, the clouds part and angels sing. Invevitabley the next day is all helter skelter and like a page out of Alice in Wonderland. Last time I went out, this happened. This time I wondered why I even bothered coming home.
The cats were crazy once I got out of bed. Running around, following me and in general being stalkers. My youngest had an accident and didn't tell anyone. So I went to get her clothes for the day and I walk into a disaster of huge laundry proportions. Of course it's never a peeing accident, it has to be the poop. She took off all her clothes and changed her outfit but in doing so it's on her chair, her bed and a book. EWW! This happened probably an hour after she went to bed. I went in to check on her and thought it smelled funny but hey we've all had gas problems at night.
While I'm cleaning it up, Luna the Lunatic is running around like I've been gone for years. Up and down the stairs. Into the basement, watching, waiting and chasing. I finally think I'm done and I see Luna dragging my poor orchid across the floor to me!!! This poor orchid has survived cat smack down after cat smack down. This orchid is a fighter but after the last massacre I don't know it will make it. I have 2 other orchid's that are never even given a second thought. But this orchid, that once it blossoms will smell like chocolate is never left alone. I put a net around it and the cats go crazy like a day such as this. While I'm flattered she wanted to share my prized possession with me! Just please leave it alone! So I've taken a 1 gallon glass jar and put it over the orchid. Now hopefully the cats will not be tempted by the delicious smell of this battered and shredded orchid. Hopefully in 12 months it will recover and finally have a flower!
If your wondering which cat reeks havoc and destruction. I think will be save while she spends some quiet time alone.

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Karen said...

No. Way. A few years ago I had a tabby cat. Named Luna. What are the odds?