Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Beautiful

So it's 11pm at night and I've been having the best days. Our trip is going well at the Grove Park Inn. I took pictures but probably not enough. The place is just gorgeous. The weather is in the 50's and the mountains are beautiful in the morning.
This place is just beautiful and if you get a chance you should definitely visit the Inn. It's just superb. We've been eating lunch in the Spa cafe and it's partially underground. They created this peaceful cavern feeling with huge rocks that appear to have quartz in it. I'll have to take a picture. So you walk through this long hallway past rooms and it has the smell of chlorine, which doesn't bother me. You pass an indoor waterfalls. It's just amazing what humans have created.
We went to a lecture tonight and the opening remarks were made by Bruce Johnson who talked about the antiques that are sold at the show and the contemporary craftsmen who sell. How the contemporary craftmen are creating the antiques of the future. I felt very proud that my husband is part of this Arts and Crafts movement. It is more of a philosophy than an artistic movement. I would love to go on but I'm beat. Plus it is a 6am wake up to make it to the morning seminars. Let's hope this environmental high keeps me going. A few more early mornings and late nights before we head back home.
I'll post pictures when I get home.

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