Monday, February 25, 2008

Back In NY

Whew what a long day!  We drove back today and it was a nice uneventful trip back.  Unlike our trip down, where we saw 9 accidents.  That's too many accidents but they weren't fatal and it was usually just one car that lost control at a time.
I took pictures and hope they came out.  I didn't have time to check.  The inn, is so big, it was like point, shoot, go!  We went to a few lectures and then had to run to eat and then be in our booth to start selling.  My feet hurt in places that I didn't know that could hurt.  
We picked up some Ephraim Pottery a piece for us and a thank you for my MIL.  Who is soooo awesome!  I came home to a clean house, (she scrubbed my sinks!  All 4 of them), flowers and clean children.  What more could an exhausted parent ask for?
I love our pot.  I have a soft spot for fish and this will look great next to our other pot.  I'll take pictures.

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