Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Hotel And The Ride Back

I know nothing about hotels and how they should be or look. We couldn't afford to go anywhere when I was growing up. The only time I did stay in hotel was when I was 12. So I really didn't care what was going on in the room we stayed in.
I care now about what is in the room and how things work. Why do the windows not open? It bothers me so much. If it's stuffy, all you can do is turn on the fan and move the stuffiness around. I felt like a flower craving for sunlight this trip.
Our room was comfortable except at 3am every night it was like a freaking oven! Outside it was in the 30's and I just couldn't rationalize with myself to turn on the damn AC. If I could just open the window, I would have been a happy camper. Why was it so hot? We were on the 3rd floor, no where near the laundry room. I usually left the bed and went to sleep in the other one to see if the cold sheets would help. My husband's a furnace but I don't think he give off enough heat to warm that room like that.
So next year I think we need to see if the rooms on the 1st floor have windows that open. It was the worst sleep I have ever gotten. Usually a drink before bed is enough to keep me in sleepy dreamy land until morning. Not even 3 drinks a night were enough to me from waking up in a hot yucky sweat. To then toss and turn until 6:30am because I couldn't touch the dial on the AC. I really need to stop caring about how much having the freaking AC would have effected the environment. So I'm still trying to catch up on lost sleep.
Our trip back was much more relaxing and enjoyable. Of course we passed through the cool Blue Ridge Mountains and I couldn't reach the camera. We finally stopped somewhere in Virgina or Pennsylvania and I grabbed it.
The roads were clear and the ground covered in snow. I love the striations of the mountains and how the snow covers it. It was quite foggy at times but I loved being in the clouds.
I had to take a picture of this because when you drive you always see wide load cars and trailers traveling. I have never seen anything this big though. It took up 2 lanes and when they were passing over a bridge the back truck wouldn't let a car pass. I think it was probably a good choice since the bridge really didn't have a shoulder.
I tried getting a side shot but we went past too quickly. I have no clue what this thing was but it was like a large steel box with a cone on the front with spikes sticking out of the cone. They weren't like dangerous spike but rectangular blocks sticking out of this cone.
Here's a front shot taken in our side view mirror. The truck that was in the lead had a pole sticking off the front of it, the height of this monster box. It was ahead enough that if the pole didn't clear a bridge, they could get off on an exit and go over the bridge.

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Karen said...

I have the same problem with hot hotel rooms. Ugh.

Looks like a wonderful place, though!