Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Cute... I Had To Take A Picture!

So in 3 days it's my nieces birthday and I never know what to get her. Well I found out she loves Eric Carle books. I also learned that she didn't own The Very Lonely Firefly. I just had to get it for her but I felt it wasn't enough. So I decided she needed a bookmark and here's what I came up with.
I have bookmark envy, this is one sweet bookmark. The pink heart on top is from an angora sweater. Then the purple body came from another sweater that was either cashmere or mohair. Add fabric scraps from my awesome neighbor and it's a bookmark for those who love touch and feel books. I'm making another one that won't be so fun to touch but it will be bigger. This one is 3/4 of and inch by 3 inches. Pretty small and will probably get lost.
I lose bookmarks all the time and will be making some for myself. Currently I'm reading 3 books and don't have bookmarks for any of them. So the need is high to make bookmarks for those books.

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