Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How To Get Rid Of Stains

Well not really but a great way to give life to a shirt that was going to become playwear only. I love this polar fleece shirt from Hanna Andersson and I couldn't let my daughter wear it in public. It had some serious stains on it. Especially on the back of it. I think on painting day she backed into someone's painting. It had yellow stains. I soaked it, scrubbed it and was on the verge of a voodoo spell to get rid of the stains!
After making the Valentine Banner, I had a ton of sweater hearts left. Ahhh yes, I went a little crazy with cutting out hearts. I couldn't help myself, they were too cute! I saw the two things and decided they could work together to become a new shirt.
Notice the lack of hearts on the front. I swear she wears her clothes backwards sometimes.
I still think I could have added more hearts on the back but she really wanted to wear it for Valentine's Day. All of these are hand embroidered on using the blanket stitch.
On a totally different note, I have to say that I am really proud of her. She's had problems in the past with being bullied. Very frustrating for a parent to hear you child cry about it, without wanting to retaliate to protect your baby. Today she brought in her Valentine's Day box that she spent a good amount of time decorating. Yes it was done in neon but it looked really good and she was proud of it. Some children started to say how ugly it was. Instead of running to hide or stand there and take it. She turned to them and told them that they didn't like it because it was "Too stylish". They couldn't argue with that and stopped picking on it! I think we may have read a little bit too much of the Series of Unforunate Events. Happy Valentine's Day to all. I hope you get lots and lots of yummy chocolate from the one's you love.
I made cards to go in the Hanging Banner and of course had to include dark chocolate!

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