Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentine's Day Wall Banner Tutorial

So here's the Valentine's Tutorial I promised. It's easy, I think it's cute and you can get fancy or stay as simple as you want.
The big red heart is actually two hearts stitched together to create a pocket for a gift. The middle sized heart is also a pocket also for a little love note. That would be the bigger green heart in this picture.Then of course the littlest heart has an xox because it's not Valentine's Day without hugs and kisses. I decided to do 4 of these since there are 4 in my family. You can add on or take off as many hearts as you like. It's all hand stiched but you can easily do this on a sewing machine if you are pressed for time.
So the materials you need are felt or felted sweaters, embroidery floss, organdy ribbon, pinking shears and then something to hang your hearts off of and the pattern. I used antique albalone buckle that my grandmother gave me to use as a hanger. It's easier to work backwards, so cut the smaller heart out and add the xox, it you like. Then cut the middle heart, sew on smallest heart. Then cut 2 large hearts using pinking shears. I just follow the edge of the pattern with the pinking shears. Add the middle heart on to one of the largest hearts. Make sure to leave enough room when stitching so you can add a note into this pocket. I left enough room so a playing card could fit in. Then add the back to the biggest heart. If you don't want this to hang open, stitch up to the curve of the heart. Keep doing this to as many hearts as you want pockets for. Then sew it on a buckle or whatever you want to hang it off of. Or you can just make a loop. Sew the hearts onto the organdy ribbon, it doesn't have to be pretty it just has to hold. Then add the bottom heart to finish and you're done!

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