Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Apron Top Dress
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Sunday's are a very lazy day here. Especially when it threatens to rain. It's been doing it off and all day. It better rain because I'm not in the mood to water the gardens.
I planted seeds in the second bed yesterday. A note to myself, never ever, ever, plant seeds on the hottest day in spring. How hot is the hottest day in spring? It was 85 outside. Too hot to be messing around in the dry dirt. I'm stubborn so I had to get them in. Even though the hose broke and water was pouring out of it. I still had to do it even though everything was working against me.
I also finished my daughter's apron top dress a few days ago. We took pictures today in the dreariness. It looks cheerful though. I really like it. She wanted a more grown up look. So no pleats in front but I did a gather the fabric in back. Just slightly.
What does one do on a lazy Sunday, nothing. Well we did go and pick up milk at the farm. We took my SIL and had a good time. Everything was out today. Cows, chickens, etc... So we pet the cute calves and talked about the different varieties of chickens. We are guessing that they have show chickens. There were a bunch of roosters and hens strutting around showing off their gorgeous plumes in a separate pen.
Also I realized that I get my food from 3 different organic farmers. We have a fruit and beef share with one. Another one we get vegetables and chickens. Then we get a milk share and whatever else they are offering depending on the weather. This week is was raw sugar, grapefruit and eggs. Last time they had potatoes and in the summer their vegetable stand will be open and they make yummy baked goods. I'm glad we live in an area where we have choices to get the freshest food possible.

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emma said...

You're so lucky to be somewhere near good food. It's much more of a struggle in the city, but I do belong to a raw milk cooperative and buy 1/4 of a cow each year direct from a local-ish farmer. I can't wait for the farmer's markets to start up next month!