Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sneak Peek

I was going to wait until it was finished but it's looking so freaking cute that I couldn't resist taking pictures when I was doing some measuring.
These are made from all the scraps that my neighbor gave me. It's an apron top that she will hopefully be able to keep for a long time. It's dress length now but as she grows, it will become more of a halter top. It still needs the ties on top, hemming and the back needs to be figured out. Hopefully in 2 days it will be done. Not that the weather is even remotely summer like. It was at 10am but by 6pm when we went for our evening stroll, it was freezing again. Yeah spring!


emma said...

So cute! And the dress is nice too!

melissa said...

What a sweet little apron top. I love your mix of fabrics!

Felicia said...

Aw, its adorable :)