Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Surprise

After last year's birthday fiasco, I had low hopes for this year. But wait, my husband set up the best surprise! We went to Bully Hill Vineyards with my brother and SIL! I totally was surprised and didn't find out until an hour before we had to leave. Lucky for him because 1 minute later my MIL showed up to babysit.
We saw some really cool things along the way.
Well this is the coolest. We went through a wind turbine farm and it was so surreal. These turbines are gigantic and I just felt like giant's should be walking around among these.
When we finally arrived at Bully Hill and this was our view from the parking lot! Just beautiful! It was off season, so we couldn't eat at the restaurant but they did have a nice sit down area with appetizers.
This is where we sat, plus everyone was super nice and turned the fireplace on. We tried probably 10 wines all together and decided on buying these.
The Aurore, Pink Cawtaba, Ravat 51 and Traminette. They are all sweet wines and have really nice fruit after tastes. I don't know anything about wine but I really like these. They are pleasant with NO oak after taste. The oakie taste made me feel a little nauseous when I tried those.
Remember the next 2 days of posting, I will be putting the names in a hat and choosing a winners for the 2 fairies. Fairy #3 is still missing but I maybe able to find something else to give away.

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