Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Great Surprise

Thin Mint Cookies
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Look what I received today from Emma at femblog! It was the best gift to help cheer me up on a sad day. I'll tell you first why it was sad.
When I was in 3rd grade I bought myself a kitten book and fell in love with Abyssinian cats. I wanted one my whole entire life but it never happened because my mother doesn't like cats.
When I got married my husband bought me an Abby. She passed away this morning. She's been fighting cancer for 2 years and it finally got her. I will miss her dearly, she was the most affectionate cat I've ever had. Loved people. She would greet everyone who came through the door and demand they pet her. She was definitely a touch whore! If you didn't pet her she would make it so she would use her body to make you pet her. It was sweetly pathetic.
Now on to the awesome cookies. They are yummy Thin Mint cookies. More cakie than Thin Mints which I like. We had freakishly hot weather today so they were melting when they arrived. Some of them are covered chocolate. Plus the cute little paisley card apologizing that they took forever. I think they were timed perfectly. Plus I adore paisley.
Thanks Emma for brightening my day!


emma said...

Glad you liked them!

Bree said...

I'm so sorry about your kitty. They become family and a necessary part of our lives.