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Cathedral Vase
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Getting together with artisans, crafters talk usually leads to quality of work. Your work, other people's work and then to the state of the economy. How the economy is doing effects how your shows go.
I try to buy quality and support local artist's and crafts people. It is very hard to do it all the time. I prefer buying US made items when I shop. Whether it's for the studio, house or just something we need. I find that it's getting harder and harder these days to support products made in our country.
I do have a problem with people undercutting themselves and refuse to buy things because it's cheap. I've noticed on Etsy that somethings are way too cheap. I don't think it's fair to the person selling an item, to only make $2 an hour or less. Plus I feel that undercutting is going to hurt someone who is charging what it should be make a sale. People will compare and think the better quality/fair wage item is overpriced even though it is priced appropriately.
I wouldn't mind buying products out of country if I knew they are paying their workers a fair wage. Unfortunately it's not the case. I feel that being so picky makes me a snob. I do care how my spending effects others. I feel that things need to change and that consumers need to be educated about their purchases.
I know my husband and I are very grateful for having customers who truly appreciate what he does. We have had people pick up items at shows and scoff at the price and walk away immediately. I don't think they see the hours he puts into each item he makes. The blood, sweat and sometimes tears when he's missed his mark with his hammer and hits his thumb. Maybe not tears but a mouthful of swears definitely. I've been there and done it many times myself. I can tell you what hammer you do not want to have an accident with and which ones are more forgiving.
I'm bringing this up because I got the lights for closet and was disappointed slightly. They are like a Monet painting. Where it looks beautiful from faraway but as you get closer you notice the little inconsistencies of the quality of work. I'm not saying that Monet did crappy work. I'm just saying his work is meant to be viewed from faraway and if I buy something I want it to look good close up and faraway. Anyways, I look on the box and where is it made, China. It is beautiful and I'm going to keep it, but I think I could do a better job myself. I may because I have at least 3 more closets to remodel and they will need lighting!
The point of this post is that every action has a reaction and I hope that is what you get out of this... Is next time you go to buy something, think about what you are buying and the effects it has on the world around you. I also hope you have a greater appreciation of what people incorporate into what they make. You aren't just buying a material item but also a piece of them.

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