Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthdays and How They Count, Fairy Give Away

Windmill Sunset
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Here's a picture of the turbine farm at sunset. We just made it at sunset to get a few pictures of them across the hill. They look like hydras off in the distance. Or maybe people doing yoga.
So today I turn 34 which is no big deal to me. I know some day I will cringe to say how old I am. Plus once people reach a certain age, mentally they change their thinking. So you start hearing about aches, pains and problems. I'm not saying they aren't real but if you didn't know how old you were, would these things still occur?
My neighbor is 97 and just started slowing down last year. She broke her leg and doesn't want a repeat performance. She uses a walker and she is still optimistic and funny. I wish I could visit her more but there's no way I'm going over when there's a cold floating around our house.
I propose a new system of counting how old we are. So I'm 34, take that and add the 2 numbers together. So that makes me 7 this year. Which means I'm older than my mother who is turning 6, lucky woman. I think people will be less age focused and start acting younger than they are.
Also I have an easier time remembering a single digit number than a double digit. For the last year I forgot I was 33. When ever I was asked I had to do the math. It seriously isn't important unless you are waiting to become president or for social security. So less worrying and start feeling younger today! Because you aren't that old! How old does that make you?
Almost forgot please leave a comment in this post and/or the last post to be entered into the fairy give away.  You have until next Wednesday to post.


Anonymous said...

happy 7th birthday dawn!
did you have fun last weekend?
i return from washington this weekend,
can't wait to hear about it.
maybe over milk.
love, kim

Pat said...

Hi Dawn!
I work with your awesome neighbor! Love the applique' and the dress. Pat

Anonymous said...

Happy 7th Birthday!! I'm glad to hear that I am 7 also!


emma said...

I also love those wind turbines. But I don't get to see them much becuause I live on the east coast. But when I go visit my uncle, I always look for them. Happy Birthday! What is your birthday numbers still add up to a two digit number? Just keep adding? Okay ... hmmm... 3 + 9 wait, 1 + 2 ...
I'm going to be 3 next month!