Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anthropologie Love and Give Away

I received my Anthropologie catalog yesterday and I am in love with some of the things in there! I do have a love/hate relationship and this is one of those love times. I adore this green dress with the crocheting on the hem. If you have to have it, buy it here Caravanserai Dress.
Next dress is this cute Enija Lotus Dress, while it's not in the catalog it did catch my eye on line. I love the colors and the silouette of it, very retro

This dress is just amazing Volubilis Dress. You have to check out the hem online and I love the detailing on the waist! Only problem is for me anyways, it says 57" in the description, does that mean every dress is 57" long? I'm petite so it would be nice to know. Not that I can afford it.
Last up, is this too cute for words Colorfield Cardigan! I love the ruffles on the sides of the buttons and the cute little flowered accent. Can you tell that I wanted to go into fashion when I was younger? I seriously did. I even had a portfolio and everything. Watched Style with Elsa Klensch religiously. Did I mention I was like 16. I would still like a job in fashion. I would love to review clothes, so if you work for Anthropologie. I'm your woman!
Now to the good stuff. On my birthday or maybe I'll make it the day before my birthday and my birthday, I will be giving away 2 fairies maybe 3 if I can find the 3rd one to this set. To qualify all you have to do is comment on those two days. Comment once each day and check in to win. My birthday is April 9th.

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