Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hey look, I've been spending quality time with my husband and I now have a banner. Plus look to the right, a link to my etsy shop. It was good high tech quality time!
These are the ornaments I've listed.

Aren't they beautiful or at least cute! They were a challenge and fun to make. I hope they get good homes.
Happy Thanksgiving, early but it maybe the only chance I get.
My family decided to get together at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I kind of like the idea but as I think about it, it kind of feels not family like. I understand why we are doing it. My mother insists on doing everything for the holidays. She burns herself out and rarely takes help. It's in her nature. I've only hosted Christmas here once and that was 3 years ago. Christmas, maybe at my brother's this year, since he's buying a house. I shall see.
Only things that could go wrong is my oldest is sick again!! She went to her first Girl Scout sleepover and one of the girls had this terrible cough. It was really bad, I couldn't believe this girl was sleeping in a small enclosed room with the girls. Now my daughter has the same cough that this girl had. She seems tired and out of it. I'm hoping she will feel better after sending her to bed early today.
Notice my cats up on the banner. More stories to come about them. Their names are Mochacchino aka (Mochie), Sasha, Gabbie, and Luna. Have fun figuring out who is who.

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