Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today I worked on my husband's copper stuff.  Various sheets of copper to be made into vases, switch plates, etc...  I am good at hammering but I do not enjoy it.  I used to but now it's like ah, I figured everything out and there's only so much you can do when you hammer a sheet of copper.  It's boring.  I should listen to my IPod, if I remembered to plug it in.  Opps.  
Now the thing that impresses men (sometimes) is,  I can hammer with both hands.  I guess it's something to be proud of but it just comes naturally to me.  So I really don't think it's a big deal.  Now what scares me is that guys ask if I've blown out my elbow!  I have never heard of such a thing!!  If I was in pain I would stop and I do stop.  Working till you blow out your elbow totally blows my mind!  Hammering copper is just not worth hurting myself.  
Maybe that's why I do not want to work in metal anymore.  It is rough on the hands, arms and shoulders.  Sometimes I pinch a nerve in my shoulder and it causes my ring finger to go numb.  Not a very pleasant experience.  
Anyone watching the silver market?  It almost was up to $16 an ounce.  It might have hit it.  I was tending to sick children so I didn't check everyday.  I don't think silver will go down to the $10 range again.  Just like gas, I can see it being around $4 a gallon this summer.  

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