Monday, November 26, 2007

That's How Mondays Roll...

So after a long holiday break, my daughter had a half day at school the first day back. I vaguely remember my husband mentioning something earlier in the month. Why torture parents who need a break from their adorable loving (fighting) children.
We had talked earlier and were arguing about who should pick her up. Not remembering it was a half day, I told him, he should, since she wanted to go with him to his meeting. He didn't want her to go with him. So I should, since what else what I was doing. Nap time is usually what's happening at that time. I do not enjoy skipping nap time, since my youngest is three and sometimes getting her to go is like declaring war in our house. There's lots of explosions and stuff gets throw around. Mainly by me, grabbing every stuffed animal and blanket to appease her. She knows she needs a nap but she's a big girl and big girls don't nap!!
Well I saw a bus pull up and realized that if our local school had half a day, then so did hers! I quickly called the school and made them aware that I would be late. Heaven forbid if the oldest realized that I forgot about her. So the youngest and I packed up the geckos to go back to school and headed off to pick up her sister.
So much for all the work I was planning on getting done! I planned on doing lots too. I was not going to do the dishes. It was time to finish those four fairies and then work on my gift for the exchange. Even though I didn't get all that time I wanted, the fairies are finished as much as they can be. They will be headless until I take the car in for an oil change. I also have the hot water bottle cover almost stitched together. Then I need to decorate. I'm getting good at multitasking. This evening, I watched TV, worked on crafts and caught up on the blogs I read. It's just like high school again. Except, I won't be tested on what I read.
I also remembered that I need to make a gift for my best friends kids. Well two best friends and those gifts shall not be named just in case they are reading!
Tomorrow I will probably do the dishes. There's three dreary hours of dishes waiting for me. Sigh.

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