Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Must Stop That!

If I know my  husband will be calling I'll answer the phone in my Joey from Friends tone.  Which is not the best way to answer a business phone.  I think I threw off the gentleman who called today.  I said Hello and he hesitated.  From experience I then asking if they are looking for the studio.  Which they usually reply with relief.  Why Yes!  Thankful they didn't accidently call the wrong number or a phone sex line.  I really should get caller ID!
I just try to make my husband's day a little more enjoyable.  I know it's stressful at his job and sometimes a very happy and familiar voice is all he needs to put him in a better mood.  Plus I had given him grief on his last phone call.  
I was working my way through the mountain of dishes and he called before.  He wanted me to run upstairs to get him his password that he had forgotten.  I thought it was work related.  When it proved to not be work related.  I was quite ...ahh not nice and teased him mercilessly.  Since he had students in the room all he could tell me that if he wasn't in class...  
Hopefully I'll read this to remind myself, there are good and bad ways to answer the phone.  

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