Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hand Me Downs

We have two hand me down couches from my grandmother. They were in excellent shape... Until they entered into this house. With the cats, the kids, and gremlins, these couches have seen better days. I didn't want to buy slip covers because they are odd shapes.
My MIL was cleaning her linen closet and asked if I wanted her old sheets. I took them and have been covering the couches with them. Well trying to. My girls do not sit on couches. They kerplop, which causes the sheets to come off. The cats, well the kitten thinks it's great fun to run under the sheet and make them come off. I think I've out smarted both kids and cats!
I sewed my own sheet couch slip covers. It wasn't that hard. I put the sheet on how I wanted it to sit on the couch and then wrapped it so it was form fitting. Sort of like when you wrap a present. Pinned and then ran to sew before something ruined my work.
The larger couch used 2 twin sheets and was easier than the brown couch. I also tackled the larger one last. I'm very happy with how they look.

I just received my Martha Stewart Magazine today and look how pretty it is. Can't wait to read it. I think Christmas is becoming my new favorite holiday!

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