Friday, November 16, 2007

Because something else happened...

I meant to do a lot of things this week but something else kept popping up.  Let's start with what popped up.  Well we all knew my FIL was going to have open heart surgery on Monday.  No big surprise.  My  husband didn't realize he would be so affected by it, that he would need to spend 2 days at the hospital.  Luckily he came home to take care of some business stuff and take the oldest to school.  But I don't think he got a new tank of gas, so I'm not sure if he really needed to come home for that.  Luckily he has a spare.  
Then the oldest got sick when my husband decided he didn't need to go back to the hospital.  So I had to pick her up from school.  She had a fever and was super tired.  That lasted until evening and she went to school the next day.  If we didn't send her to school she would have complained about all that she missed.  Yes she loves to learn.  Now the youngest has the same fever today and is not happy.  She's putting on a smile and saying she's fine.  I look at her and know she's not.  Hopefully tomorrow this will have past too.  
I finally got to making chicken broth today.  I had to go and remove the scum off the top.  Which took FOREVER!  Seriously, how do you know when you are done with taking the scum off?  I thought I was done and then it started frothing.  Do I remove the froth too then?  I did, just incase it was scum in disguise. 
Still waiting is a grapevine wreath I made over the fall, for a door decoration.  It has to have acorns added to it and fairies.  I only have one headless fairy for the wreath and acorns galore.  Then the Esty shop...  sigh... muffins... opps cat litter. I guess it's good to be busy...  all the time.  

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