Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emmett & Drake

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Well we were up all day, dropping the kids off to grandma's early and then driving to meet the puppies. My husband took lots of pictures on his camera and I played with the puppies. So I didn't take any until we went back to surprise the girls.
So here they are Emmett & Drake with my daughter's and SIL, plus pants of my MIL and husband. Yeah I'm good at taking pictures. So Emmett is the liver colored puppy (brown) and he is my SIL's. Drake's the black one and ours.
Weeks ago my husband made me choose a boy and I refused to, until I finally broke down and told him black one green collar. Guess I was right. I knew he'd be ours when he sat on my lap for a good 10 minutes watching his brothers and sisters play.
Last night wasn't terrible, he slept in bed with us and got up a few times to pee outside, of course.
I offered to help my SIL out and have her bring Emmett over here during the day so he potty trains quicker. The puppy has a bladder of steel or at least that's what my daughter is making me believe. She takes him out he didn't pee. So it will be crazy hectic until they mature a little.
Status of the cats, hissing up a storm and acting like big babies!


Anonymous said...

Eeeee!!! Puppies!!!!

emma said...

So cute! But I'm not letting my kids see this post - they bug me for a dog enough as it is!