Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Had Thought About What I Was Doing

Yarn tangle
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Do you see this mess I'm in? I was trying to separate this into 2 balls of yarn. So I could know when to stop knitting my socks. Unfortunately fate was against me and it didn't quite work out that way. I did have a baby grab the yarn from the middle and pull. That's probably when I should have stopped knitting to see what my gauge was and wound it up. Of course I couldn't do it because I was at swim lessons and there's no room to make a mess.
So now I sit at home and calmly struggle with this heap of spaghetti! I've also been working on Christmas gifts. I'm making my SIL a pin cushion, which is going in a total different direction than I thought but it looks better now.
My daughter is back from her trip and is being forced to sort through her old clothes. There's been tears, tantrums and outbursts of what a horrible mother I am. She got to pick out all her school clothes without me, so she should be happy. Her sister is getting her clothes, so it's not like her favorites are leaving the house. It's so unfair but the child has more clothes than I do. She even has more clothes than my husband, who has more clothes than I do. Now that is unfair!
Tuesday is the day we are going to get the puppy. The plan is to drop the girls off at my MIL and go to where they've been living. Then play and wait around while they get tested to see who will make the cut to be the best show/hunting dog. I'm slightly excited.
I'm also thinking about not working till 4am. It's seriously doing me in. I have no motivation because I'm bloody tired! I've been to the doctor and everything is great. I just require 9 hours of sleep and haven't been getting it or catching up to it. School starts soon and that means I will probably be up early with my youngest. So my catching up time gets very limited.

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