Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Fabulous Mission Guild

The fabulous power couple of Mission Guild is who I'm reviewing next for the artists I love! They are an awesome husband and wife team who do everything, seriously. James and Christie are like the Renaissance all over again. They do furniture, clay tiles, wooden frames, stained glass, painting and I'm sure there's something I'm missing. I love them and their work. Sometimes I would love to go home with them just to see them at work! When they do a show they have a huge truck and trailer because they make so much stuff! I know they work hard at everything they do and it shows!Here's a display of their tiles. Mostly acorns, pine cones, trees, a bear, one that says art and one with head, heart, hand.
So what if you don't want tiles, well they make tiles big enough for frames and they have some of their smaller tiles in frames. I love the lines of their frames. Not plain and boring but artistically interesting in themselves.
Tiles in frames not your thing, well here's more on chains. Aren't they too cute! Plus if you don't like landscapes or nature, more words and celtic knots!
I love the ginkgo tiles! One of my favorites. I took more pictures of their furniture but for some reason it wasn't on my camera. If you like to see more of their fabulous work check it out here! Some of their awesome furniture is here. Some day I would like these chairs for my dining room with a table to match. I hope you enjoyed looking at their stuff! If you ever get a chance to see them at a show, it's worth it!


emma said...

Oh, very nice! I do love the Mission style. As do my parents. Who just bought a new condo. Hmmmm ... I'm thinkin' house warming present, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

Wow! What fun! :) That looks like a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Elizableth said...

I think that would be a fabulous idea. Their stuff is made to last and is wonderful. I think it would be a perfect present!