Monday, August 11, 2008

Thinking About Christmas

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I know Christmas is still months off but I need to think about gifts now and plan. It's so hard because I love buying things for the girls but then hate to have to pick it up after Christmas. Repetitively pick it up everyday. So I think I'm going to go the crafting route/storage. I really like this but it's made in China. I know what I would love to include in this basket Smencils. Aren't these Smencils cool? It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Plus I have Amanda Soule's Creative Family book and I need to make the pencil cases that she has in the book. I can probably easily make 2 easily for each girl. One for pencils and one for crayons.
I would like to get my oldest into embroidering but I need to find a book that is suited for her age. I have a sewing basket already that I bought a few years ago. I bought her Wee Wonderfuls Fairy Stitchette's but I can't get her interested in the free download. So they may have to wait. Or I may make her something with them but I do not know what!
Then my SIL wants to learn to knit. I taught myself to knit so I guess I could buy her yarn and needles and teach her. She'll need a book for reference to teach her because you know she's going to drop stitches or not realize she's purling when she should be knitting. So I need to find a how to knit book. Any suggestions????


Anonymous said...

Ooh!! Winter and snow! Yes, they are a delight, though Seattle needs a few sun breaks in those cool months! :D

emma said...

Love it! We celebrate Hannukah - eight nights times 4 kids? You KNOW I'm planning ahead!

Dawn Elizableth said...

I always under wondered how it worked for Hannukah worked! Yikes, now I don't feel so overwhelmed!