Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Still Sew!

school shirt
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I finished this before my daughter left for Colonial Williamsburg, VA. It's for school and it's Simplicity 2879 Hannah Montana pattern. I honestly didn't like anything except this and another pattern by That's so Raven. I was originally looking for a button down shirt but it doesn't exist. Not yet anyway, in the summer season. I really like it but the neck needs to be bigger. I don't think my daughter has a disproportionately large head but she can't fit it over her head very easily. Also I may have skimped on taking the neck slit down as far as it should go. I thought it was a little risque for a child and she did too! She's at that stage where she doesn't want to be seen by anyone undressing!
I am going to play with this pattern and make this shirt from Mini Boden. Have I mentioned I love Boden! I received their woman's catalog and there are so many cute things for me too. I'm tempted to buy their Biker Jacket, it's waterproof. It's $148 though. I am working 30 hour weeks for 3 weeks in a row. Or I could wait for it to go on sale! HMM.
So my husband and I went to Graycliff this weekend for our late anniversary gift! I didn't find it as architecturally fascinating as the Darwin Martin House but the guy talked about how Frank Lloyd Wright was a player! Plus he was constantly poor, so it was a more personal tour with all the interesting down and dirty stuff that you don't hear about! I took tons of pictures and I'm hoping they all came out. We couldn't take pictures of the inside which was okay because only sections have been finished. The parts that haven't were quite a mess. Hopefully I will get those up on flickr later this week!
The view though is absolutely beautiful for Lake Erie! You can see Canada, the Niagara Falls mist when the weather is right. We were lucky enough to see a thunderstorm roll in from Canada. It was really cool!
Some sort of exciting off the top of my head news.  I may have received a call from a famous actor.  I'm not positive but his voice sounded familiar and he was kind of secretive about placing an order plus his name isn't that common.  I guess we'll find out if the order ever arrives.  Also my husband maybe on PBS for an Arts & Crafts special.  Not sure yet but the guy is coming by tomorrow to talk to my husband and maybe film.  After doing this for 11 years we've learned to not hold our breaths about this stuff.  We receive calls all the time and not much comes of most of them.  So we shall see.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I work midnight to 4am and then I get to sleep!  Sleep 2 nights in a row!  I don't know if I'll be able to after all this goofy sleep schedule!


emma said...

The shirt is lovely. Where do you buy patterns and material? Mostly on-line or is there a store you like? Happy aniversary! How nice you got to get away!

Dawn Elizableth said...

Thanks, I think it came out great. The patterns I bought at JoAnn's were on sale. The fabric is the free stuff I got from my friend. The only thing I bought was the ribbon which I bought a long time ago and never used. So technically all this cost me was $7 for the pattern and maybe $3 for the ribbon. Going someplace without children, priceless! Not that I don't love my children but this was a 3 hour tour, with lots of standing and walking around.

Anonymous said...

Cute shirt! I love that color too! I bet your daughter loves it!! ;)

And Happy Aniversary! :D