Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Sock Two Socks, Two Mismatching Socks

M's Socks
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I finished these last night but then couldn't find a needle to sew the ends up with. Darn you Murphy's Law!!!!! Then when I did find the needle I couldn't get them on the child's feed. Her concern. They don't match! They aren't supposed to is what I had to explain to her. After thinking about it they went on and I think she likes them. I didn't realize there was a hole until I took the picture. The other sock doesn't any holes and I thought I did the same thing because I knit them at the same time. Opps. There's always next time to fix the problem. I did not knit the heels at the same time. One sock does have 40 stitches for the ribbing while the other one 38. Oh well they just need to keep her warm!
Hope everyone is staying warm. I am totally missing our wood stove! The house felt warm, well at least there were really warm parts in the house. Now it's cold, frigid and frigid freaking cold! Can't wait for the part to arrive!


emma said...

Lovely. And even if they are not totally "matchy matchy" they clearly go together!

Laurie Dening said...

I see spinning is on your to do's. Embraceable Ewe is having a class THIS saturday and I'm going- want to come?

Anonymous said...

What a cute couple! :) I bet they keep you warm during these winter months!

mens socks said...

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