Saturday, January 24, 2009

Be Quiet...

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So the voices in my head can talk! Is what I wanted to tell my one coworker today! Unfortunately she's not right in the head and I was afraid she would start telling me about all the voices in her head and then Oi!
I try not to judge people but having met many people from all walks of life you know when someone is just not right. No matter how nice they are, you need to put a wall between you and them so they don't follow you home.
One of my co worker's is named Mary aka Crazy Mary because she is bloody talkative you can't get her to be quiet. She trapped me today in the break room. I sat down for dinner and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I looked her right in the eyes!
We all know the story of Medusa and how you should never look her in the eyes or you will turn to stone. Well this is what happened to me. I frozen, trapped at the table to eat my dinner in nods and uhh huh's! Too scared to tell her to go away and I had too much crap to make a run for it. Thankfully she has a bum hip so in the future I'm going to run.
I had heard all the stories from other coworkers how they had gotten trapped and heard about her maniac depression and all the meds she was on. I got to hear about everything else. I didn't even need to talk. I think the only 2 things I said was drive home carefully and yes I've been knitting for 20 years.
So my peaceful dinner was anything but peaceful. My lovely coworkers who are guys came up to watch me trapped. Not offering to help at all just to sit back and laugh! No knitting was accomplished either, I didn't want to make any sudden movements!
I thought this picture was appropriate. When we received the kitten she was having upset stomach issues and the meds we gave she didn't like! I've never seen a cat drool!


emma said...

What is it about cats and headphones? I have to guard mine vigilantly or my cat will run off with them. I always think this says something bad about the state of my ears!

Anonymous said...

Those are not headphones. that is drewl! ewe.

Philosophie said...

Hey, thanks for the blog comment. Sorry it's so late, I've been busy, but I'm glad you like my room and i hope you keep checking in on my blog :)


Anonymous said...

Haha! This picture is awesome!! Heehee! :)
And I'm sorry about people being bloody loud. Just keep a roll of duct tape with you. :P

mattresses said...

That cat looks like the teacher of the movie "kunfu panda" LOL.... don't you?