Saturday, January 10, 2009

Done And Hopefully Worn A Lot!

R socks
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I finally finished these socks for my oldest. It took forever. She never makes things easy for me. She didn't want wool socks, so we had to look through tons of acrylic yarn that I was given. What I had and what she wanted were 2 different things. She picked out super finger weight yarn. So I had to combine 2 yarns to make one manageable yarn to work with. Then I started running out of the one weight (the red, white and pink) thin stuff. So the last sock that is all red has a heavier weight red in it. Hopefully she will wear these.
Today was the funeral, so I had off from work. It was really nicer than I expected it to be. I didn't have to say anything. Which probably wouldn't have happened because my mom spoke and our whole row lost it. Ever notice when you go to a funeral no one has tissues?! I was passing them out to my brother, my SIL and my oldest! Thankfully my nose runs a lot in cold weather so I have a good stash of unused (sometimes used) tissues! Then the funeral director gave a really awesome speech. Seriously this guy was good! He talked about how his father passed away and how angry he was. It took him 7 years to grieve. He really put life and death in a perspective we don't usually think about.

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mens socks said...

Sounds nice but what happen the color ? have you done that mismatch with intention?