Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cloth Lunch Bag

Cloth Lunch Bag
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Another project that is done and just needed to be photographed in my fabric lunch bag. It is really big. Bigger than I intended but I couldn't find the paper bag I wanted it to match so I took a small one and guessed on the measurements. Now I know what size it needs to be and will make one over the summer? It still needs a handle or a tie of some sort. I figure if I use it, the solution will reveal it's self.
So the next one will be perfect?
This was sooo easy to make! It took maybe 2 hours. Well technically it took 6 hours but 3-4 of those hours were spent making dinner, eating dinner and putting children to bed. If I come up with a good design for the handle and ties I may make a tutorial. Please don't hold your breathe. Time here very limited for that sort of thing. If you can't wait, leave a comment and I can tell you how I went about it. This only has 6 panels and technically it's reversible. How great is that?! It practically makes it's self!


Anonymous said...

Very cute, and so practical! :) I love the pattern too! :)

Philosophie said...

Thanks for the blog comment. I'm really glad you like it :)

Alycia said...

so adorable :)