Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pirate Melia

Pirate Melia
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Yesterday my youngest was complaining there was something in her eye. So I looked in it and saw nothing. Washed it out to the best of my ability. Four year old's idea of washing and an adults idea of washing are two totally different concepts.
I noticed she had a scratch on her nose. I asked her about it and she told me the kitten scratched her. She has been forbidden to pick up the kitten because she ends up getting scratched for being to rough with the the kitten. She unfortunately has not taken the wounds seriously because I'm positive the kitten scratched her eye. So I call the doctor as she cries every 5 minutes because her eye hurts. The only way she is happy is covering her eye. Which I let her, unfortunately she's applying too much pressure and by the we see the doctor it's extremely swollen and red.
To make a tragic story short and an experience I would like to forget. The doctor couldn't find a scratch after putting the dye in the eye and shining the light. If you think my daughter sat still like she was in a coma you are very wrong. More like Tasmanian devil on drugs! It was bad! The doctor thinks she is allergic to the kitten and she wasn't scratched. I think she's wrong because she never complained of itching just lots and lots of pain! Hence lots of tears and clutching only one eye not two. So she's on antibiotics galore.
Her eye is feeling much better today. I bought the patch because she didn't want to let go of her eye or if she did she was walking around with both eyes closed! It was very pathetic picking up her prescription because I told her no more holding her eye. So she walked around holding my hand with her eyes closed! Yes we received many strange looks but she was happy and not crying.
I am so behind on house work from waiting on her hand and foot yesterday! Plus spending a good portion wrestling her down to get eye drops in both eyes!


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Oh NO!! I hope she feels better soon! I have been attacked by cute kitties before too!