Friday, January 16, 2009

Warm Happy Thoughts

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Of course the weather plunges into the coldest part of the winter months and our wood stove is in need of a new baffle. What does this mean? You ask... The top of the firebox looks like it's melting. So it's sinking lower and lower and lower. Thankfully they can be replaced! We've order one and it will only set us back $150 plus shipping. Still under $200. Take that old furnace! Anyone who has replaced a furnace knows that you can't get away with anything as cheap as that.
If you have a wood stove and have any questions that you can't find an answer to I highly recommend this website It's board of those who love wood stoves, pellet stoves etc... You have a question you will get all sorts of answers but these guys know there stuff. They hooked me up with websites and all sorts of other things. Of course they want me to upgrade to an EPA approved stove but it's not happening anytime soon.
I do not enjoy being stressed out! I know some people thrive off it. Not me. Last week my husband's union called a meeting to talk about all the job cuts because of the budget problems. Well there was a snow day last week, so it was postponed until this week. I don't know if I'm happy about what they told him or even more worried now. They are going to try to keep all the full time teachers. Which he is but he may only be working just enough to keep his benefits which means he loses a big chunk of his salary. So it's like I'm sort of happy but how are we going to make up for the lost wages? Yes he does own his own business but just because he makes things doesn't mean they will sell.
It just takes me back to my childhood and the instability of my life. Our constant moving, would there be food on our plates, would there be clothes on our backs for the next school year?
Thankfully my health is way better than my mother's! Plus I'm very resourceful. Which means lots of gardening! On the super plus side my SIL has offered me a plot to plant my vegetable garden at her house! I'm going to take her up on that offer. I hope she realizes that I will be working my butt off up there!


emma said...

Just looking at that picture makes me warmer. Having a woodstove or a fireplace is high up on my husband's wish list!
Good luck weathering the financial storm. I'm waiting to see what the city budget will be in June. Hopefully no cuts for the library but let's get real. It's not exactly essential staffing.
I guess the country is crossing our collective fingers and holding our breath!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want a fireplace soo so so so so bad! :) I think I'd become a cinder girl, because I would sleep by the soot just to get warm. Heehee!