Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tooth Fairy Pillow... Not

So last night I realized that I needed a container to put my youngest's tooth in. Since it was going to be pulled out today and I didn't want to play "Where's the freaking tooth" while she slept. The tooth fairy only searches for so long and then she gives up. I learned the hard way with my oldest after we lost her tooth pillow.
I know, I was in denial that this baby tooth was going to be removed. I know the dentist told me it had to be and the 2nd opinion agreed but it doesn't make it any easier. It all started last year at the end of June, when my MIL came to babysit for us while my husband and I worked a local show. She brought the kids to the booth on Sunday afternoon and the girls stayed with us till the end of the show. After hour I noticed dried blood on my youngest chin. So we went to the bathroom to investigate. I'm searching for the source of the blood and I notice her top front tooth is MISSING? I pull her lip up and the tooth is peering at me out her gum. It had gotten jammed back into her gum. It was bruised and bloody, did I mention gross too.
We were in and out of dentists offices for 4 months. The tooth persevered and came down to rest in it's normal resting spot. No damage, just look for bubbles on the gum. No problem until this January and when went for her first dental cleaning. There was a bubble. Why now, I have no clue. The tooth had to go and she's only 3. I feel sort of to blame because if I had been around, it probably wouldn't have happened. Did I mention she never complained about it hurting.
So now on to the good stuff that matters. I needed a pillow for the tooth but as this evolved... I realized that after all the time I put into it. There was no way that it was going to be a pillow. A pillow has limited use and well after staying up till 11pm last night, then deciding to get some Natural Calm to relax me. Of course the power had to go out even thought it had just been 50 and it was still nice outside. Stumbling around in the dark and spilling half my hot drink after tripping on the last top step. There was no way this fairy whatever was going to just be a pillow. So it's a fairy pouch and I'm going to include a link later on the side so you can download the pattern for the appliqué. I figured after all this heartache and weird things going on, I needed to share some awesomeness.
Here's the pictures of my daughter with it. Notice the missing tooth. (sniffle) Here's a close up and there is also a tiny pocket inside for the tooth. Which opens sideways to keep the tooth from falling out. I would have done more but I finished after the tooth came out. It is really hard to make something while being heckled by a 3 year old. Pestering me to finish because she wants her fairy pouch. The beauty of this is when she has lost all her teeth, I can add a zipper and have it be a pouch for money or whatever she's collecting.

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Cakies said...

Hi! Found you via sugar city journal! That tooth fairy shirt is a good idea!!! and your girl is adorable!