Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. The weather has been beautifully deceiving here. It looks so sunny and warm but step outside and it's still frigid cold. My girls went out to play and I found them hatless, gloveless and in rain boots. I quickly got them everything they needed so I wouldn't have popsicle children. Well I couldn't talk them out of their boots but I figured it was one battle I was going to lose.
I love this bowl of eggs and I just had to show off how vibrant the colors still are. The eggs were done 2 years ago using Martha Stewart's marbled egg recipe. Her dye baths were a bit weak, so I went in and added more food coloring. Probably a little too much with the green and purple. I'm already getting spring fever. I'm hoping mother nature will catch it too and warm it up a little more around here.


emma said...

Love youe eggs! I can never get my eggs dark enough. I also have pur my eggs in a little dish that I have put in the windowsill so when I look out the window, I don't just see grey/brown/black of the leaf-less trees and dead grass.
I'm so ready for spring!

Karen said...

oo, those are gorgeous!