Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Prep

This week has been flying by and here's what we were doing this past weekend. My MIL, SIL and niece were all here for egg coloring. Then of course we had to hide the eggs which took forever for them to dry, to be hidden around the house. My daughter's were very pleased with there creations and wanted pictures of all the eggs they had created. Of course they wanted pictures right before they ate all of them. It didn't happen since my youngest decided to devour 3 the next morning.
I realized that this weekend is Easter Sunday, which meant I needed make things for the Easter baskets. So I've been working till the wee hours of the morning creating things for their baskets. This is what I've made so far.
Felt barrettes, they had to be age appropriate too. Would have loved to make a caterpillar for my oldest but I just don't think she would have liked it all. Then slippers for my youngest daughter's doll Maurice. He was actually a Christmas gift but she didn't like him at all. She's changed her mind since she's been a little scared to go to bed. So now Maurice needs PJ's and I worked on bottoms today and the top will hopefully be done tomorrow. He needed slippers of course but I thought the Easter bunny is always all "knowing", so it was a perfect addition. My oldest will get slippers for her American Girl doll, Marisol. Which I will be making tomorrow night.
I don't know if it's enough, my husband bought them one candy bar each too. I would like to make some simple beaded necklaces too. I don't know if my youngest will be able to see that I made everything. She looks at my supplies all the time but I don't know if she will make the connection. My oldest will keep the spirit alive, even though she knows what's up.
I am going to need more ideas of useful things to make as the years go on. I feel you can have to much jewelry but if I make it, I don't mind taking it back and re-purposing it my own needs. I would really like to make things that would hang around for a long time but it is sometimes so difficult since we live in such a throw away society. EEkk, I meant to be in bed by 11pm.

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