Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stained Sweater Solution!

As promised my solution to hiding stains on a sweater. All the flowers are made from recycled sweater scraps that I had felted. The centers are left over felting yarn scraps and the green yarn is leftover, leftovers from the LOYS. I like how it turned out. The time consuming part was the felting of the flowers to get the petals separated. Then figuring out how to make it look not lopsided because most of the staining was on the right side. Your right my left. I'm not left handed so most of the staining occurs on that side. I think I'm going to wear this to an art opening I'm going to tomorrow. Here's an one of the guys who's exhibiting Thomas Kegler. The picture on the website intro page was my husband's birthday gift. It looks better in person and if you love painting, he's awesome! Definitely someone you should check out and collect.

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