Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yankee Gift Exchange!

So last night was handworks and the Yankee gift exchange. I'm kind of disappointed because they changed the rules so an opened a gift could only be exchanged 3 times. So if you opened a gift that you didn't like and no one else did, you were stuck with that gift. Many people didn't get to participate and all the really cool items were taken out quickly. I ended up with yarn and that's fine with me.

The 3 striped yarns on top were not part of the gift. The girl who's house we were at, was going through her attic and need to get rid of stuff. So I grabbed these. It's sock yarn weight, so I see gifts to me in my future.
I talked my daughter into possibly making gifts for her Aunt, Cousin and Grandmother. First she picked the heavy purple varegated yarn and was going to make a headband for her cousin. I really like the yarn and was dying to tell her no. I didn't but after it became a more elaborate gift and would use all the yarn up... I had to say NO! She moved to the blue yarn to make a headband for her Aunt. Will see if she can keep it up. It's a tough yarn because it has globs of thick yarn and then thin yarn. So it's kind of hard to work with. I've been knitting a row or two so she doesn't get discouraged! I would like her to make gifts this year. She always starts off with good intentions and then it dies. Never to be rekindled. This year, I'm going to keep after her to complete something!
The pink yarn is mohair. The orangish brown is a nylon combination. The green is scratchy and not to nice to touch.
We were supposed to have 3 days of blizzard like weather this weekend. It of course hit last night after the party started! I didn't leave till midnight and even if I wanted to leave earlier it would have never happened. I was blocked in by at least 4 cars!
I live in a valley and the party was 2 hills over. 12 miles as the crow flies and many more by car. I had to drive across 2 major route numbers. They both require you to stop and look before you go up these steep hills. I'm driving my cute, light weight Prius. I made it half way up the unplowed, snow and ice covered hill. The Prius comes to a complete stop and starts slowly inching it's way backwards!
After I finish mentally cursing myself out and trying to figure out how to not totally ruin the car. I back up a little and do a K turn. Not a ton of sliding is happening, so I know I can make it down the hill and stop. If you never ridden/drove a Prius before, it has B on the stick shift. Which puts drag on the engine to charge the battery. I put B on and slowly make my way down the hill. I wasn't 100 percent sure where I was but I knew if I turned right, I would be heading towards my mom's. I frantically try to call home to have someone else figure out how I can get home without going up hill. No answer, call the party, and thankfully the hostess was still up and told me what was coming up and where to turn! Whew, glad someone know where I needed to go. Needless to say, the 20 minute trip there, took over an hour getting back home! My husband was still up, wrestling with plumbing problems. He kept my spirits up while I slipped and slided home! Love hands free phone! I still had to go up 2 smaller hills but I didn't have to come to a complete stop before I tackled them! Thanks honey for being there when I really needed someone to talk to!
The storm stopped by this morning! It was still slick and his truck was going sideways down part of street when he had to venture out. He luckily has 4 wheel drive and regained control quickly! Winter weather, I do enjoy it!

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