Friday, December 7, 2007

O' Christmas Tree

I finally put up my Christmas tree! Yeah! My youngest helped me along with Luna (aka the luntic). We have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, it's been through many, many Christmas's. The tree is older than I am. I suspect it may have been the very 1st artifical tree.
I also found Christmas will be at my mom's house this year. I would prefer it being here but my house is old. What's wrong with an old house, you may wonder. Nothing but my mother doesn't like old things. We were going to go to my brother's house but they won't be moved in by Christmas. His house is only 12 years old. Compared to our house which was built in 1840. It's 167 years old.
Which makes no sense to me but my mother rarely visits. Which surprises me because she has 2 grandchildren. Who live in this old house. They love this old huge, almost Queen Anne house. Even with our wood stove, keeping everyone toasty. It's not enough to have Christmas here. sigh
It's just how my mother is. She is a retailer's dream. I on the other hand, am the complete opposite. I don't mind my old Picasso house. With the East Lake hardware, pocket doors, and the windows that are painted white. Well I do mind the white windows. This house has freaking awesome dark stained woodwork! Some one ruined some of rooms by painting the wood white! That does bother me. Take a look at the picture of the Christmas tree. That dark wood is the framing for the pocket doors. Gorgeous color, isn't it? Other room right next to it, they painted it white! Looks terrible. Don't even mention the jungle wall paper. Not one of my favorite either. It can be taken down.
Until this house is remodel, Christmas will not happen here. One day it will be, remodeled and then it maybe new enough for Christmas.
Oh well, means I don't have to clean the clutter! haha The clutter has gotten worse. The foyer is now full of wood. Our wood was delayed because of the weather. It rained, it froze, it snowed. Our wood is covered in ice, plus some snow. So it has to come in to be thawed and dried before it gets put in the stove. It's a little extra work but it's worth it!

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