Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things That Make Me Go UGH!

I've had a pretty boring uneventful days!  It's like the days know Christmas is coming and are just dragging to torture me.  I had a sick child home on Monday.  That's enough to bring anyone down.  
I still haven't finished the snail toy.  It's not as easy as the others.  It has strips of fabric you braid together.  Then you roll them into a spiral and sew 2 coils together.  Well I did all that and the middles kept popping out.  This toy is for a 1 year old, it had to withhold the abuse it is going to get.  So I've been sewing the inner coils together so they won't pop.  Boring and painful.  My fingers have holes in them.  It's not an easy thing to do.  I need a needle that is curved, it would be so much easier.  
My 9 year old bought my husband and I gifts today (from a toy store).  I was happy that she came up with a great idea to recycle the bag the gifts came in.  I'm not happy that she didn't separate the gifts.  Now who opens the gift?  Me or my husband?  I don't think individual gifts should be allowed to share the same packaging to become one gift.  There has to be a law out there.  I bet Miss Manners has a whole column about this.  I may have to look it up.  I wrapped her gifts separate from her sister's , she should have the same courtesy!  
I'm also running out of yarn for my husband's socks!  He wanted socks and of course he didn't want me to buy sock yarn.  Just wanted  socks from yarn lying around.  Well of course I don't have enough because he needed soft yarn.  Wool makes him itch and he can't handle itchy socks!  It doesn't help that his shoe size is like a size 12!  Did you know the national average shoe size for men is like a 10!  I find that hard to believe.  So he's going to get shorty socks and like them!  If not!  I'm rip them and make myself a pair!  
I hope to have the snail done tomorrow.  With pictures.  I may take a picture of the wrap job my daughter did!  

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