Friday, December 21, 2007

Two Gifts And Then Some!

Whew it's been busy here! I finished the snail today! It was tough, my finger is swollen and painful but I think it looks good (the snail that is not the finger)! I also made this fairy today! She's kind of a gothic fairy or a very fashionable fairy. Her hair needs a little combing but that will have to wait for the glue to dry. She is going to a good friend who I've know FOREVER, so I know she'll love this.
I'm also going to make my MIL a tea cozy. She mentioned she wanted one and my in laws are so good to us. I felt like we didn't make enough to show how much we appreciate them! So I need that for the day after Christmas. It's hopefully going to be a quilted sweater tea cozy. I like usually have NO clue what I'm doing. How big does it need to be? How am I going to sew the squares together. Damn the movie Nanny McPhee for giving her the idea. It's okay. It will be done!
So yesterday there was a war at my house! No one died but someone was hurt. Who, I don't know. All I know is the cats were fighting! Luna doesn't get that not everyone wants to play with her. So she's gets really Hobbes like and attacks the other cats. Which leads to lots of screeching, hissing, and cats running through the house. After it calmed down I went to do some work. Well there was a blood trail going up stairs. Through the hallway, ending on my CREAM colored carpet in the office! I concluded that one of the cats is hurt majorly. Have you ever tried finding a wound on an animal that is covered in fur? It's like trying to find Where's Waldo among fake Waldo's. Needless to say all the cats were intact. No one was missing a limb, ear, or tail. My husband's only other thought is that they found a mouse and were fighting over the body and tore it apart. EWW! I like to think they are super fast healers and the fur is cover this wound.

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