Saturday, December 1, 2007

Silly Conversations

So last night it was almost midnight when my husband got around to apply patina.  Since I didn't want to lay in bed all alone and wonder when he was going to be up, I decided to help.  Even though all I wanted to do is go to bed.  
My part in the patination process is booorriiinggg.  I dry and to stay awake I verbally spar with my husband.  So I pace around the kitchen, while he's doing his part and we start our go around conversation.  Keep in mind he had mentioned earlier that we were invited to a secret party.
Me:  So who's invited to the secret party?
Him:  I don't know it's a secret party!
M:  Well are you sure you were invited to the party, if it's soooo secret?
H:  Yes, I talked to H.
M:  So... he cuts me off
H:   You can't mention this party to anyone.  Not person A,B, or C. 
M:  Well then who's going to this party if they aren't going?
H:  Everyone who was at the summer party.
M:  Well A,B, and C were at the summer party!
H:  Well, I don't know he didn't tell me!
M:  So do I get to ask the babysitter to babysit for this secret party?  Or am I not allowed to let her know either?
H:  Of course you can let the babysitter know!
M:  Well you  just jumped down my throat before and cut me off! 
H:  I didn't jump down your throat!
M:  Yes you did, why don't you jump down my throat again, I know you want to.  Jump down my throat, (I keep taunting him over and over, getting all giggly!)
H: Well, well, well, if you'd let me get a word in I would jump down your throat!  

Both of are laughing because we've lost our minds!  

Another conversation I had today was about Grey's Anatomy.  My friend was a die hard fan but because of life hasn't been able to keep up.  So I caught her up and started giving my opinions on everyone.
I don't like George and Izzy, they are so going to break up.  McDreamy and Merideth, I just don't like what is going on with them.  It's like they are friends with benefits but it's not like they have benefits.  One of them always wants more than the other one.  It's like sexefits.  Not as good as benefits because you know it's going to end sadly.  Someone will be disappointed or both of them will.  Sexefits.  My new word for what happens on Grey's.  

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