Saturday, December 29, 2007

Musical Rooms

We've been moving rooms around again. I should probably start this, by explaining when we bought our house it had an apartment in the bottom half of the house. All unenjoyable things must come to an end and this year we evicted our tenant. It wasn't pretty but it had to be done.
We've opened up the walls to the apartment and taken over. Realized we don't like the layout of the house on the bottom half. But those weren't the rooms that we were moving around this week.
We moved my oldest daughter's room to the top of the stairs, which was the office. The office is going to be downstairs but part of it remains in the upstairs family room. I have a layout, I'll scan it some other time.
For those with any OCD tendencies please do not look at the clutter I'm about to show you! This is all my clutter (actually there is more but I didn't want to cause a rash of 911 calls), not my husband's or daughter's clutter.
This was taking up space in our living room because my daughter's old room was where my crafting room is now. I've cleared all the boxes out, so the top is the only clutter left. Now where I put the clutter is scarier. I should also tell you when we bought this house the people who lived in it loved animals. They had a 6' pink fiberglass kangaroo in their living room, with plants in the pouch. Elephants painted on the floors, jungle wall paper in the foyer and living room. Then this back bedroom continues the animal theme. My daughter's didn't like the wall paper so they started tearing it down. I can't say I blame them.
It's like a mishmosh of ugliness! Plaid wallpaper with a jungle themed border again. That gross pink/purple trim and butterfly wallpaper! We tore out the carpet because it was soaked with animal pee. It doesn't smell but the feng shui of this room is terrible. We do plan on moving walls, making the room bigger and moving the entrance. Which will greatly improve the creepiness of this room. So my clutter will sit in here, keeping this creepy room company. I don't enjoy working in this room. If the phone rings or someone knocks on the door, I can't hear it. The acoustics get lost in the hallway you have to walk down to get here.
My daughter loves her new room and so far it's been kept very clutter free. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

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