Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Gifts

Valentine's Gifts
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I know it's early but I work on the weekends and only see the girls in passing. Also I knew that my oldest would want to wear this shirt for the school party. The shirt is made out of one piece of fabric. I used this pattern which is for a doll and applied the math for a bigger shirt. The only thing is that I didn't know how much space she needed for the armholes and it's a little snug. I'll know next time.
The skirt was the youngest gift. I used another easy pattern but only had enough ribbon for the front so I used two panels instead of one piece. Also I didn't sew the ribbon on like the pattern. I hemmed the skirt and then sewed it on top.
Can you tell it's bed time when I took this picture? My youngest has her hand on her bing (aka blankie). Also my camera died after I took this shot so is the only shot.
I am leaving in a week for our big Arts and Crafts show down in North Carolina at the Grove Park Inn. So I am working up a storm here! I have to pack for 3. The girls are going to my MIL's while we are gone. Plus I've been working on clock faces, switch plates and napkin holders.
Numbers are down for the class my husband teaches while we are down there. I'm hoping more locals will be up going and willing to spend their money!
So if the blog seems quiet for a while you know where I am. We will have internet at the hotel but my husband is wary about using it for stuff like this.
So Happy Valentine's Day!!! Even though it's early.

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candlemamma said...

Your blog is wonderful. I just love your pictures and your etsy shop. I hope you can check my blog sometime. I have featured you for an award there. All my best.