Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Loose Ends

ACT Swap for kids
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So tomorrow we are leaving and am I packing?! Hahaha! Sort of! I'm taking care of loose ends. This being one of them. I signed my oldest up for this kids ATC Or ACT Trading Card Swap. My daughter decided to do dragons. It's supposed to be her best work but I think she felt rushed! They are done and way before the deadline which is Feb. 28th.
When you go on a trip do you have to have a crafting bag to keep you busy? I do! In my bag is yarn for baby bibs, the makings of bunny ornaments which will be for easter, an accidental felt tree pattern, a sock to measure the sock yarn in my purse, and I think that is it! I feel like I'm missing something but can't think of it! Oh well.
My outfits are picked out and packed. I'm hopefully getting my hair cut today! I have an appointment but they never called to confirm! So I maybe throwing a huge crying fit! My hair is wayyyyyy over do for a cut! Then I work for 4 hours and then I'm done! Well I do have to go back next week.....
See you next week.


emma said...

Of course you have to have a craft bag with you! I generally carry a lagre bag anyway so I tend to have one project in that bag and anotherin the luggage in case someting happens to the first project (like it gets finished or something - hahahaha).

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time!!