Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Monday!

Kimono Top
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You can not get me down! Sometimes Monday's are really rough and this Monday was no exception. After working till 4am I woke up to both my girls playing semi nicely. I get up and walk around the house and smell gas?! I go into our kitchen and check the burners. Nothing wrong there. I go into the 2nd kitchen and woah that's definitely gas! Someone had bumped the stove and the gas was leaking. We don't use this stove a lot so it's usually unplugged and the gas is turned off.
I guess it didn't happen the last time I used it. So all the windows and doors had to be opened for an hour! Thankfully there was a warm spell today! Not extremely warm but still warmer than the teens, like it's been.
I did finish this kimono top that has been sitting in my "please finish me pile!" I love the pattern on it and the color! My oldest liked it too.
I also finished my niece's birthday gift and I'm working on my oldest birthday PJ's. I hope to finish them before Friday. Then a Valentine's skirt and shirt! I'm hoping I can get all of this done with the children of the house not taking note of what is going on!
To keep my spirits up Ingrid Michaelson! I just love her! She has a beautiful voice. Keep Breathing helps me keep my cool when times become stressful. Be Ok is just up lifting!
Hope your Monday was better than mine!

BTW Love her glasses!  

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How scary! :O I'm glad you found the source! What a way to start of your Monday!