Thursday, February 12, 2009

Places To Eat In Asheville NC?!

Parrot Kitten
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I need help finding good places to eat in Asheville NC. We are downsizing our food budget and I do not want to spend $50 on lunch or $100 on dinner. Which is super easy to do there! I've tried looking for affordable places on google but I'm not finding anything that is meeting our wants. Lots of places are highly recommended but they don't say affordable!
I like anything except Thai, Chinese and Indian! Plus they need to be places that come recommend by real people who have eaten their!
Isn't this a cute picture! The kitten went through a parrot phase!! The husband easily falls asleep and well what a perfect place to perch!
I have a funny story to share, I'm hoping others with children find it hilarious too! So my oldest comes home this week all upset! Complaining that her teacher wants her to shower, change her clothes and that means her socks! I started laughing at this because I have been trying to encourage her to have better hygiene forever. I thought he had singled her out! It turns out ALL the 5th grade classes received this talk because they don't do those things! I was so relieved that my daughter wasn't the only child who was torturing her parents!!
Now if I only had professors like that in college! Well things are always different in college aren't they?! I was an art major and while I showered everyday, I didn't wash my clothes as often as I should have. I did have a rule. Once food touched my clothes, they went into the wash pile! If you have ever worked with plaster you know plaster is a dirt repellant once it works it's self into your clothes.


emma said...

Well, I wish I had restauraunt recomendations but I am up here in Massachusetts. If you ever come East though, I can help. The kitten is beyond cuteness. If only the didn't get big and moody.
And yes, my kids are definitely not as clean as they could be. We actually now have an odd rule for my son. He puts on clean clothes at bedtime and sleeps in them. Otherwise he would sleep in the dirt clothes and be "dressed" already the next day. And the next. And the next. This way, at least he changes regularly!

content persephone said...

dinner for how many? are you including the little ones?

Rosetta's Kitchen is pretty reasonable and might suit - they have good a la carte and kiddie menus.

There's so many great places to eat in Asheville - but, yes, some of them are too expensive.

Dawn Elizableth said...

It's just the adults. My kids are going to grandma's for a super fun week. I would love to bring them but it is business and we go from 7am-1pm everyday we are there! Thanks so much! I'll definitely check it out!